Care or Scare

Care or Scare

lundi 16 janvier 2017


IES 9 D'OCTUBRE faces a new challenge towards Internationalization

During the week from November 28th to December 2nd, a group of students from the IES 9 D'OCTUBRE have participated in the activities organized by COLEGIUL TEHNIC EMANUIL UNGUREANU in the Romanian city of Timişoara.
This stay constitutes the first step on the KA2-219 Project in Strategic Partnership in the field of Education within the framework of the ERASMUS + program, which includes these two schools and five others in the following countries:  Germany, Holland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Turkey.This project, named CARE OR SCARE: CHALLENGES OF MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, has focused on different applications of Technology regarding the Environment (Environment).
Throughout five days, a total of 50 students from seven nationalities have been able to share the results of the works and projects carried out in the classrooms around the topic of the meeting, have acquired new knowledge through conferences on Technology and The Environment, have been aware of the technological advances during the visit to the Communication Technologies company Kathrein Romania, have been able to know the last innovations in research at the Faculty of Physics at the Polytechnics University of Vest Timişoara with regard to the Renewable energies and have also had the opportunity to experience several physical processes in the Experimentarium, an interactive science museum next to the university.
Among the different and interesting activities carried out at the E. Ungureanu  school it is worth highlighting the debate in groups of students from different nationalities in which they had to find arguments,  discuss the pros and cons of clean energy technologies and their relation with employability.
The programme did also include most creative aspects through workshops in which students from the seven countries were asked to build a structure made from recycled materials. We can assure you that some of them were masterpieces and looked like a Valencian falla. The last day, a creative theatre workshop made us enjoy the most artistic side of the students.
The students, accommodated in Romanian families, have been able to experience the warm welcoming and careful attention given by their hosts, have seen with their own eyes how they live and how the people in this country really look like and, most importantly,  they have realized that the clichés and commonplaces are not necessarily true. Moreover, they have made friends from six countries, have improved their level of English, and have experienced adventures that will come with them along their lives.
It is for all these reasons and much more that from our institution, the IES 9 D’OCTUBRE, we believe in this type of initiatives that, according to the principles of the Erasmus + Programme, “change lives and open minds”. This is why we will continue on this odyssey of three years throughout which new opportunities will be offered to our students, moving a step forward towards the European dimension and internationalization.
Our next stop will be Culemborg, in the Netherlands!

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