Care or Scare

Care or Scare

dimanche 29 octobre 2017

Care or Scare ERASMUS KA219 Recognition

The general director of Linguistic Policy and Management of Multilingualism, Rubén Trenzano, has given recognition to the 134 teachers who participated in the Erasmus + KA2-school education and adult education day, approved 2017 projects, a meeting whose objective is to encourage the educational centers that have been beneficiaries of a project subsidized by this European program.

The Erasmus + KA2 program facilitates the development of training projects or work between educational centers throughout Europe. The Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports, with the organization of this day, aims to promote the internationalization of Valencian educational centers, an action that brings benefits both for students and families , and advise the management teams about the steps that must be made in the program.

For Rubén Trenzano, this day "expresses the will of the Ministry to accompany our educational centers in the management of European programs. Help them, advise, motivate and make them available so that Europe opens Educational doors and Valencians and Valencians can not be delayed. We have to put our educational centers at the forefront of Europe, at the same level as the most advanced European regions. "
The call for Erasmus + K2 has been a success for the Valencian centers, since the funds that have been allocated to their projects have doubled: it has risen from the 1.2 million euros allocated in 2016, to 2 , 4 million euros from 2017. The number of centers participating in this call has also increased.

Among all the projects benefiting from these European subsidies, we must highlight Print 3D, led and coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports, which has the second highest economic grant of the State: 280.506 euros. An initiative that works for the inclusive education of the blind population.

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