Care or Scare

Care or Scare

jeudi 23 novembre 2017

Ltt Carlet "Care or Scare" Tuesday 14th November Improving the quality of life

Ltt Carlet – Tuesday 14th November 2017
Tuesday was field day. Snoozers with few hours of sleep were able to catch up during the trip by coach. The trip went southwards to the town of Gandia – crossing beautiful hill land. Our first adress was one for culture vultures – the castle of the local Dukes`family, the Borgia who also gave the world two Renaissance popes involved in rather doubtful activities. The guided tour focussed on one of the Dukes, Francis, who, at a later stage of life, turned mercilessly religious  by joining the Jesuit monks. The castle itself prides itself of marvelous azuleios tiles and lots of both gloomy and pious pictures.
After a short refreshment the crowd crossed the town centre to reach the local Faller museum that illustrates the doings and undoings of the regional feast in March. People build figures or groups of figures, more often than not in satirical and exaggerated shape to comment on local events. These monument sculptures of paper mâche are carried around the towns during Faller week, duly admired and then burned. Only bits and pieces are preserved for at least the following year. Anyway – everybody then had a chance to try their luck by cutting wildly around in order to create little monument sculptures themselves. Before leaving the town of Gandia the group had lunch in the outskirts of this peaceful place. Whilst the professorial group was forced to have, once again, a go at regional dishes the group representing humanity´s future was dismissed to find grub at an International burger place whose name will not be disclosed here...
Body, spirits and brains refreshed – everybody dozed off in the bus again to wake up in a stretch of land between sea and the Albufera lake. Boats took us out along the lakeside with thick reed, a noble restaurant and arrogantly looking birds. Tons of selfie photographies were taken, thanks to the impressive background – wide and large.
Those who assumed that it had been a full day were positively disappointed because our coach took us to a further destination. CEE Schneider is a factory that assembles parts of cars of all brands – in the industrial estate of Picassent. Whyever would our tour managers, Joan Linares and Francis Sangil, want everybody to visit this production site? A large part of the personnel is disabled, either physically or mentally. The firm`s philosophy is to tailor the production lines and machinery to the staff´s needs – a great chance that not all economic enterprises offer. To the enjoyment of the Young lady teachers and old female students not Dr Schneider, the owner, himself gave the introduction. He left the field to a Young engineer who upheld the honour of the firm.
This meant the end of another intense day for the group – leaving the rest of the entertainment to the trusted hands of the host families.

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