Care or Scare

Care or Scare

mercredi 29 novembre 2017

Our Turkey guests

Köprülüler Anatolian High School represented our country and city in an international project,Erasmus Plus, funded by European Union.2 English teachers E.B and H.A;4 students joined the meeting which was hosted by Spanish partners of the project.There were the delegations of 6 countries in order to study the project topic "improving the quality if life via technology".
During the week in the host school IES 9 d'Octubre of Carlet, a factory producing parts of cars and whose workers are disabled (%70 of the staff) was visited by the whole group.Origami activities in an old people house was succesfully practised with students and the people living there.The visit to a local cooperative that is packaging kaki and mandaring was very interesting.
There were also some activities done at school such as presentations about the subject,sports- dancing activity etc..
The students and teachers were hosted by Spanish families so, that was great chance to exchange cultural differences and practise English and learn about new people and places
On the last day of the meeting the whole group went to Valencia to see historical and modern parts of the city.
In conclusion ,We were welcomed and hosted very kindly.As the fourth step of the project,Vezirköprü will host 6 countries in April 2018.

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